Sleater-Kinney In The New York Times

Sleater-Kinney headed up the front page of this past Sunday’s Arts & Leisure section in The New York Times, calling No Cities To Love “the first great album of 2015.” Read an excerpt below or the read the whole article here.

PORTLAND, ORE. — It’s just a basement. Half a basement, actually, in Carrie Brownstein’s house in a quiet, tree-shaded neighborhood here in the city that is fast becoming known as “Portlandia,” after the cable-TV series she writes and stars in.

The narrow space has industrial gray carpeting and exposed pipes. There’s room for a drum kit, a couple of amps, a table holding a mixer and keyboard, a couch. A few guitars sit on an overhead rack. Names of songs are written in erasable marker on a beige wall panel. It’s more work space than hangout, and not particularly cozy — just another rehearsal room.

But this happens to be the one that secretly incubated the reunion of a band that had been sorely missed in indie-rock since 2006: Sleater-Kinney. “In here,” Ms. Brownstein said, “it always seemed dark and insular, like we were assembling explosive devices and then wondering how and where they’ll detonate, and how big the explosion will be.”