03/27/04 – 04/02/04

(This week’s answers provided by Corin)

Q: I’ve recently been hearing some wonderful new music from the likes of 50 Foot Wave, The Shore, Sondre Lerche, and the Postal Service, among others. I’m also eagerly awaiting the latest works from some of my favorite artists, including Billy Corgan and Sleater-Kinney, of course (can I suggest a future Corgan-SK collaboration?). What is some of the newer music you have been getting excited about?

A: I’ve been listening to the TV on the radio record, which is awesome and the new Liars concept album, which is totally scary and cool. Also, punk rock icon Donna Dresch has a new band called Davies vs. Dresch, which may just make an appearance at a s-k show – check it out.


Q: I was wondering, what is up with that Nardwar guy from British Columbia? I was just surfin’ the net and I came across this…video and I watched it and was like, “Poor SK!” no offense to the dude, but he seemed so odd! He was like jumping all over all of you guys! And Carrie was just like staring at him and my friend said that Carrie looked like she was dying of laughter inside! Seriously! I think it was during the Hot Rock tour and I hope you remember this crazy thing because I would really like to hear what you thought of it! Thanx!

A: Rarely in life do we get the chance to meet a true artist and a visionary, and our friend Nardwuar is one. He is not only a punk rock journalist but a great performer in his band The Evaporators. Long Live Nardwuar.


Q: I was listening to All Hands On The Bad One this afternoon, listening for songs to attempt on the guitar when the cd hit “Was It A Lie?”. Now I’ve listened to this cd hundreds of times its just one of those albums. but for some reason i never fully paid attention to the lyrics of this song, i tend to get distracted by the guitars. Someting about this song just struck its just so beautifully written and heartbreaking. Beautifull commentary on society, as always. I was wondering though if the accident described in the song actually happened, was it a news story or something that one of you saw and felt inspired to write the song as a result? It’s a truly beautiful song. thnx

A: This song was based on a news story I heard about. A woman was killed in a train yard in Germany and a tourist just happened to capture it on video. The tape eventuallly became an entertainment piece in the U.S., playing as a loop in a bar. The story just stayed with me and I turned it into a metaphor for how images of women suffering can become entertainment in our culture. I’m glad you like the song.


Q: I saw your show in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall a couple years ago — it must have been around Halloween, because you made a crack about dressing up as ‘a pregnant catholic schoolgirl, which isn’t far from the truth …’, and a couple (or more than a couple) months later, you were a rockstar mom. So the reason I’m writing is because I’m pregnant, and wondering what your advice is for getting through these 40 long weeks. That, and wondering if developing little ones seem to groove on your music. Looking forward to seeing you guys at the Fillmore in May …

A: Hmmm…I guess my advice is take excellent care of yourself first and foremost. Rest as much as you can. I think reading helped me, I read every Harry Potter book while I was pregnant and loved the escapism! My son Marshall loves music and is becoming quite a good singer, look out world!


Q: Hi there! This question is for Corin. Some of my favorite art and music has been created by people who I am friends with, which makes it all the more personal and amazing to experience. I’m wondering if you have kept up with anyone from film school, if any of those people have made work that you have later gotten into. This is basically a what’s-your-favorite-movie question, only with the twist of it involving someone you know now or once knew. It’s always cool to promo your friends. Thanks, and I’m looking forward to another great Chicago Sleater-Kinney show in the future. Hope you and your family are well.

A: This is unfortunately a sad piece of news. Sarah Jacobsen, a filmmaker I knew when I was a student, but who didn’t actually go to Evergreen, passed away recently. She made “I was a teenage serial killer”, which included a song from my band Heavens to Betsy, and “Mary Jane’s not a Virgin Anymore”. She was an activist for women’s independent filmmaking and presented lectures and discussions across the country. I met her when I was nineteen and she was incredibly cool – driving around Seattle in her huge car which I think doubled as her office. I’m really inspired by her work and her life. Thanks.