03/06/04 – 03/12/04

(This week’s answers provided by Corin)

Q: ok…im sure you’ve been asked many times before, but is there a secret contract that bands have to sign when first forming that they wont tour any further south than atlanta? of course bands do come down here but we don’t seem to get that many chances as other states do..is the south *that* bad?

A: We actually did a lot of southern dates when we opened for Pearl Jam – Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and we enjoyed playing all these places. I think the reality for independent touring bands is that there are a lot of huge drives through the south, and the gigs there can be pretty small. When we make another record, we will try and make an effort to get out to the midwest and the south.


Q: I’ve been reading that you girls are writing and preparing a new album. I have yet to be disappointed by one of your albums, each using an updated style. However, as I have been pleasantly surprised at all of the S-K shows I have been too one that stood out the most. On the last wing of the One Beat tour, I saw S-K at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles on Feb. 8, 03. It was hands down the greatest S-K I’ve seen. I was most impressed by the Sonic Youth style 10 minute guitar interludes that were performed on two older songs (I cant remember the exact songs at this time). I was curious (actually hoping and praying for) if the new album would include songs going that route. Will there be any of those “experimental” tracks involved?

A: It’s possible that some of this material may end up on the new album, or at least some of this style of playing. I hope we do put out a live CD at some point, don’t you think a live DVD would be cool?


Q: This question is for Corin. I’ve recently felt really rotten about all the anti-gay statements being made from americans. I can only imagine what bliss would overcome me if i were to wake up a healthy heterosexual. But that’s not me. Lately, it seems there’s need for everyone to stand up for civil liberties and rights; which makes me get the impression that the gay rights movement has become dead…or has been radicalized in negative ways. What could I do that could positively impact the gay community…what type of activism can i get involved with…where do i start to make change happen? What are radical queer politics?

A: Here in Portland, OR we have witnessed a historic gay civil rights movement in the form of gay marriage. Basic Rights of Oregon, a gay civil rights group, pressured the city council to issue same sex marriage liscences, and they legally found they were bound to do so. So far over 1,000 gay couples have been married here, despite the fact that anti-gay protesters harassed them as they waited in line for their liscences. It was a beautiful thing so see so many gay faces simply lining up for one of their basic civil rights – I think it put a very positive image for the world to see.
I’m not sure where you live in the country, but there are many national gay groups to get involved in: Pflag, a support group for gays and their families, NGLTF – the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force works for gay civil rights as does the ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union. Check your local weekly paper or gay paper for local groups too – and best of luck to you.


Q: Dear Corin, Did you or anyone in SK take vocal lessons when you were younger? I’m 11 years old and your music totally fascinates me. I don’t take lessons and my friends do, saying this improves your voice by a long shot. I just kind of go with the flow in my band (Temporarily Ill) and my bandmates think that’s the best way. What are your thoughts? (PS: I can’t wait until I get to go to your concert!!!)

A: I did take vocal lessons after the “Call the Doctor” tour – because I was losing my voice on the road. It helped me learn to take better care of my throat by warming up before a show and singing from my diaphragm. I do think you can improve your singing with vocal lessons, but it’s not really necessary. I think it’s more about being able to perform in a way that catches people’s attention, and I don’t think that can be taught. It sound like you and your band, Temporary Ill, are on your way!


Q: S-K songs are the best. It would be fun though, if you put out an EP of covers,,,it’s so much fun rockin’ out to fun covers. I think Corin could make a G&R song sound really great. Carrie….Prince. Janet….Sonic Youth.

A: Wow thanks for the suggestions, we’ll keep that in mind as we pull out a cover for tour.