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The Woods | 2005

video: Entertain Directed by Molly & Mariah for high speed (quicktime, 20mb)
video:Entertain for dialup (quicktime, 5mb)

Entertain (mp3, 4.5 mb)

One Beat | 2002
One Beat (mp3, 4.3 mb)
Oh! (mp3, 5.4 mb)

All Hands on the Bad One | 2000
You're No Rock n' Roll Fun (mp3, 3.6 mb)

The Hot Rock | 1999
Get Up (mp3, 5.1 mb)

Dig Me Out | 1997
Words and Guitar (mp3, 3.2 mb)

Live at Henry Fonda Theatre
Los Angeles, CA 2003

Faraway (mp3, 5.1 mb)
One Beat (mp3, 4.3 mb)



5/3/06 Live in SF (mov, 8.8 mb)
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9/25/04 Show with Hedwig
Sleater-Kinney joined Hedwig writer/director/actor John Cameron Mitchell and actor Wade McCollum at Holocene in Portland, OR for an impromptu and very raucous version of the song "Angry Inch".
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Live in Mexico City 2003
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