Dig Me Out 20th Anniversary

Dig Me Out 20
“Looking back on Dig Me Out 20 years on, I’m quite happy that people are still discovering it. At the time we made the album, it felt like it a crucial time for us – as a band, and as people. We quit our jobs, left our houses, and drove through an insane snowstorm to cram into a tiny room in Seattle and spill all our secrets. It sounds that way to me today, still.” – Corin
Dig Me Out was the culmination of good luck, determination, and an undeniable propulsion that surged through the 3 of us. Our collaboration felt intense and personal from the start – we were desperate to prove ourselves and to harness the palpable momentum and chemistry of playing music together. Recording memories of snow, wet socks and space heaters, just the band and John in the small triangle studio ripping through heavyweight takes. I can still feel the excitement in the songs today, our singular vision captured on tape and released into the world 20 years ago.” – Janet
“A few years ago, I was getting my haircut and a song was playing over the speakers. The song had a careening quality to it, the vocals and instruments balanced precariously on a knife’s edge––sharpening, cutting––the outcome uncertain. It took nearly a minute for me to realize that I was listening to my own band. The song was “Dig Me Out” and it was much faster than I recalled.
Any time I revisit Dig Me Out, I am struck by its velocity, how I feel almost trapped inside it. I think it’s because the album sounds like it takes place in the middle of a much longer ache and scrawl, that there’s a life before it and a life after it, that we captured not the launch or the landing but the trajectory itself. The trajectory of the band, of love, of escape, of rage. Maybe we were trying to provide a soundtrack, both for ourselves and for anyone else who had little desire to go back to the places that haunted them; we’d stay aloft until we destroyed what held us back, or transformed what lay ahead.
Thinking back on that time in the salon, I never felt like our music, and Dig Me Out in particular, was suited for the background, for shopping or leisure; it’s too demanding and unrelenting. In today’s parlance I suppose someone would say these songs sound like a bossy bitch, a nasty woman, or claim that we persisted. Luckily, you only have to turn up this record to drown out that asinine, reductive noise.” – Carrie
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