01 February 2006

Cry in the Dark

Went to the wildlife sanctuary in Healseville, outside of Melbourne. Yarra Valley. Wine country. Got to hang with the wallabies and feed the kangaroos. I pet dingoes and thought of Lindy Chamberlin AKA "The dingo ate my baby" the entire time. Saw a platypus, a wombat, a koala, a Tasmanian devil.....all the usual Australian fauna were there on display.

We had three days off, no shows. The the days off can get long, despite museum going and strolls and checking out the shops. Saw M.I.A perform last night. Pretty great.

At last tonight we play our own gig in Melbourne. Then quickly off to Adelaide, Perth, and then home. Looking forward to being back in Portland despite all the rain. -CB

30 January 2006


Here we are on the Big Day Off Tour. Five days in Sydney, six days in Melbourne. If I wanted to I could go home, get a change of clothes, and still make it back for our next show. Seeing as how I need to do laundry but can't find a laundromat, flying home might be the best option. But then I would miss the in-between action; like the after parties where I can scream at the bad DJ's and the side shows where I can see The White Stripes and Franz Ferdinand strut their stuff. The 'Nand are quite hard rocking live, much more so than on record. Kinks-esque drumming, leg and scissor kicks, heavy metal-style swaying back and forth guitar playing, and in general the best looking band around. We've known Alex and Paul since their Yummy Fur days and it's nice to find them doing well and being so polite about it all. The White Stripes are as dangerous as ever. No pandering to the crowd, just ripping through song after song. Dylan covers galore. Mars Volta are the band I most wanted to see. They are the nicest of fellows: the best dressed, the best hair, the best moves. And very, very nice. It's a bit like summer camp, with factions and cliques and people I'm already sick of and people who are already sick of me.

We are adjusting to the festival life; one of no sound checks and short sets. It's always good to play to new people though. We get to stretch our legs at the few side shows we have. In Sydney the segue between Let's Call it Love and Night Light was as long as it's ever been. Those are the moments I enjoy the most.

The highlights for me have been non-musical: the bats at the botanical gardens, the sharks at the aquarium, the Australian Open men's tennis final for which I managed to procure a ticket. Actually, that was the best of all. -cb.

30 June 2005

These Are The Daves I Know

Here we are in Knoxville, TN. Nice people abound. While getting coffee I inquired as to where a certain part of town was and a cute boy actually escorted me all the way there. But us Northwesterners are not cut out for this humidity. After an hour of strolling along the streets I felt like I was melting into the pavement. Now I am back in the climate controlled hotel room, watching Wimbledon on the TV. It appears that Venus Williams has beaten Maria Sharapova in the semi-finals.

Tour is nearly over. It has been a long journey and we have traversed many paths. The crowds have been effusive; I am embracing the various forms of appreciation: There are the movers and shakers, the pointers, the sing alongers to every songers, the fist raisers, the foot stompers, the hold onto your lovers, the eyes closed ones, the stand stillers, the take it all in-ers.

There are a lot of fans who have only heard The Woods and that is exciting for us. We love playing the new songs, they are monsters that we can unleash every night; growling or thrashing to the joyful chaos. And the old songs feel new sometimes, which is all you can hope for; to experience them as if for the first time.

15 June 2005

Log Rides Across America

As the gals travel across this great land of ours, they are visually documenting many things...so far mostly log rides. Go to the new home movies page and watch the fun. -Yuri

12 June 2005

That's The Spirit.

The West Coast tour is no more. We are home for a few days and then we trek across the vastness of the Midwest. The shows went well overall. But there was a bug in the technology, a wart, a little splinter that kept cropping up. It took over the show in SF when the monitor amps blew out, so that we were playing in a sonic maze, no light. Then the bridge of my Guild was intermittently troublesome; unscrewed and loose and creating friction on my right hand; making me think too much during times when I shouldn't be thinking at all. And finally my own amp blew out at the BFD. The Fender not the Orange. The vintage '64 that is rebelling against life on the road. It wants to be at home on the hardwood floors, next to the window, where it can get sun and look out at the garden. And now, little amp, you will be home. I will replace you with a road warrior.

The BFD was our trip to the moon. No, it was actually a reality check in the ways of the earthlings. We were UFOS, Martians, visiting a strange planet with our too noisy, too loud, too unhinged brand of cacophony. Our sound guy told us beforehand that we should just do the jam. He was right. We should have just turned up and played, no song, just a steady stream of sentences that cohere at moments and then give way to lexical and structural ambiguity. Code switching.

There were kind folks in all towns. Santa Cruz was mellow with a warm enthusiasm. Laid back and sweet and just us saying hi to you in the form of a tune. We always like Pomona. And then Los Angeles surprised us by being the fire. It was the heat we always try to get to, the hot core where everything disintegrates into liquid and love and then when it's over it's like the whole structure has been reshaped and it's hard to remember what it looked like before.

We had a great time on all the stops. The live show is the live show and it is the live show that makes it the live show. Thank you for showing up.

08 June 2005

Ho Ho Ho

Woke up to Janet's voice on radio this morning. She was the guest on Indie 103's morning program. It was quite amusing. They liked her so much they asked her to come back tomorrow. Glad to finally be in LA. I hate the stuttering st-sta-start, st sto-stop of the schedule thus far, but now we are in the midst of five shows in a row. -CB

23 May 2005


This is the last half hour the world turns without The Woods precariously in it. The wait for May 24th, the release date of our psychedelic love child, has seemed longer than usual. We've done too much talking about this record. I could go crazy trying to explain how songs fall from the sky into our laps. Sure, we work hard, but ultimately, we are lucky for our chemistry, for the love we have for eachother, for our differences. We definitely tried to break free this time, to shake our heads wildly with our eyes closed. And when it's raining and I'm sitting on the porch with my headphones on, it seems like we did. Welcome to The Woods, dearest listeners. I'm proud you want to come in and hear what we made. xojanet